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Arrowhead Public Employee Retirees Group

C/O Bud Krause

P.O. Box 7152

Duluth, MN 55807-7152

Greeting from President Mike:

          I hope all of our members and their families and friends are doing alright and staying safe during this trying time. We haven’t had a meeting since March and the whole world seems to be at a standstill. Many of our members are from “the greatest generation” and I believe that the rest of us are from “the pretty damn good generation.” We worked hard, raised our families, and we will persevere. I am proud that each meeting we start with the Pledge of Allegiance - we know what a “folded flag” means. Even though our ability to meet in person has temporarily changed, our purpose and mission have not. It is just as important now that we support each other and protect our rights. We are going to continue on with our group and we will be soliciting dues for the 2021 membership year. Please join me in renewing your membership and tell your former co-workers what we are about and encourage them to join us. We believe that the City will be coming after active and retiree health care VERY strongly and we want to make sure we are unified and prepared. We will resume meetings and social events as soon as safely possible. Annual dues are still only $15.00. Please renew or join now. We want all public employees to be part of our group.

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Arrowhead Public Employees Retirement Group (APERG)

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A. P. E. R. G.
Arrowhead Public Employee Retirees Group
c/o Bud Krause
P.O. Box 7152
Duluth, MN 55807–7152
Annual dues are $15.00 per person. Any gifts you send in addition to your dues will be received with gratitude.

Make check payable to: APERG.
APERG "Arrowhead Public Employee Retirees Group"

APERG "Arrowhead Public Employee Retirees Group"